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A Budapesti Diplomata Házastársak delegációját október 29-én fogadtuk az MKVM-ben
2020. november 7.

A Budapesti Diplomata Házastársak (Diplomatic Spouses of Budapest) kulturális programszervező tagja szeptemberben kereste meg Hossó Nikolettát, az NPRSZ alapító elnökét, akivel az október végi időpontot a hölgyek véglegesítették.

Dr. Török Róbert, az MKVM igazgatója és Hossó Nikoletta angol nyelvű tárlatvezetést tartott a megjelent hölgyeknek, akik Facebook oldalukon is beszámoltak a tárlatvezetésről:

„Last week Diplomatic Spouses of Budapest have enjoyed the visit to the Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism , visiting the exhibition ,,Protocol and Diplomacy’’.

The curator of the exhibition Ms. Nicoletta Hosso was our exceptional guide. This unique international protocol exhibition was opened January 2020 and will run until December 2020.
We could walk through the red carpet and learn about the different areas of protocol, view the souvenirs of the protocol given or received by Budapest Capital City, and then delight in the hospitality protocol from ancient times to the present. We could imagine participating in an elegant ornate meal with a noble tableware, admiring the royal kit in the Parliamentary Cup as well. Also we could see the unreleased relics if the first Papa visit to Hungary in the section of the religious protocol, and protocol of sporting events.
It was our great pleasure to visit this exhibition and we would like to thank Ms. Nicoletta Hosso again for this special tour that took us through the history of the diplomatic protocol of Hungary. We also wanted to thank for the photos, provided by Mrs. Anna Popper, Senior editor of diplomatic magazine Diplomata.
And of course many thanks to our dear Varvara Sergeeva, DSB Cultural Coordinator and spouse of the Ambassador of Russian Federation for organizing these cultural activities in DSB calendar”


Forrás: Diplomatic Spouses of Budapest, Facebook


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