Accredited Postgraduate Courses

We as business owners – based on our decade-long experience in governmental and corporate environment – felt the need to develop such intense and complex training programmes that can provide practical skills for both job seekers and active professionals (e.g. protocol rapporteurs, international relations experts, event organizers, assistant managers, private secretaries or protocol administrators), in just 2 semesters instead of 3 or 4.

The main part of the training program is truly practical (meaning that 50% of the modules are not conducted in a classroom environment but at different protocol event related venues!), therefore we offer not only shorter, but more efficient education at affordable prices.

We value quality over quantity. We only share such practical knowledge and hands-on experience during our education programmes that are truly useful during everyday, operative work.

We do not believe in

– unnecessarily long (3 or 4 semester-long), theory-focused trainings mainly held in a classroom, aimed to draw profit from the students;

– 1-day or few-hour long etiquette and protocol trainings, as this profession requires a wide spectrum of knowledge and experience. Here, at Protocol Education and Assistants’ Centre in Europe (P.E.A.C.E.), the conventional 3 or 4 semester-long training can be successfully completed within one year.

Our goal is to provide top quality and affordable education for those who truly want to study and to get a marketable profession that cannot be acquired anywhere else.

Up to now in Hungary there has not been any official institution providing modern, practical and professional protocol education. With our Protocol and International Relations Specialist training programme we wish to fill in this gap and offer a special course that is focused on practical experience and is truly unique on the Hungarian education market. Because the different branches of protocol and international relations can never be separated, our goal is to teach both theoretical and practical elements together, one enhancing  the other.

More will be available soon on our accredited post-graduate courses (you will need a BA degree) starting from February, 2017.